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this is the weirdest one yet.. 
05:15pm 13/01/2006
  from myspace, this note from http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=48708387
yea this girl who has been my best friend since ive been young hits me up. She says she sees this profile of someone that reminds her of her first crush. I dunno Im not the one who should be filling you in Ill let her.

I will let you know that she is cool as hell and gets pretty crazy at times in a fun way. to be honest i used to have a crush on her myself but its too weird now. she said she was shy or something to be the first one to initiate talk but she even posted a blog about ya or something

anyways seems like you are all she is talking about and interested in so check her out and add her up as a friend. something might work out who knows yea

Here is her link for ya:

This girl on the next page, from the add-a-friend link is this girl, http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=44110437
She is a web cam girl looking for clients.. please.. this is just bad.
Another one 
06:49pm 09/01/2006
  I just got this e-mail on myspace -
from this guy: http://www.myspace.com/poetkid
who pops his collars up

I have a room inj Greensboro on Hogh Point road (Best Western room 205 if u wanna join me fof some fun..Call my cell at 336 432-6471

Think I should tell his girlfriend????

Ps. his name is Blake
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But I don't like SPAM! 
03:58pm 20/12/2005
mood: schadenfreude
So for some odd reason I had over 1000 hits on my MySpace profile between Friday and now, and of course this comes with the itenerant friend requests, comments, and messages filling my inbox like a plague of disease infested wildebeasts.

I generally made my account there as an extension of Operation Pimp My Demo Reel. And I did get a handful of "wow, great/excellent/awesome demo reel!" comments which are the ones I like to get. But of course I had to wade through a bazillion idiots going "durrrrr you're purrrrrty want 2 have sexx0rs" to find them.

And so I present you here with the best of the worst. Behold! A veritable feast of WierdoSpam!!!Collapse )
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I don't think it will ever stop.. 
11:54pm 13/11/2005
  from James on Friendster, http://www.friendster.com/user.php?uid=16532056
I'd love to talk to you either my email
jimdavid1@comcast.net or Please give me a call
your friend jimdavid # 865-454-2597

this guy doesn't even know me.. I think I should give his number to bubba at the jail house...
and so are the days of our lives 
05:09pm 29/10/2005
  These are the dorks and old ass tards that want to be my friend/boy/girlfriend. Sickening, I tell you, just sickening...

Angel Kisses

yuck yuck yuck!!
this one is funny 
07:51pm 17/10/2005
  this one claims to be a girl, while the profile clearly states it is a male..
found here:

09:07am 13/10/2005
  from http://www.myspace.com/keskin
you are very beatifull
my YM adress: piskogenclik@yahoo.com add me please
my msn adress: enes_keskin61@hotmail.com add me please
what is your messenger adress? tell me pls
i have webcam
i like your pic
tell me pls, i hope see you
do you like sex??

Sometimes I feel I must repsond with a rude comment, a snide remark, a quick fuck you, or even a laugh, a joke, a smile, smething simple like thank you. Then I have the ones where I just ignore them. This is one of those.
a good one, finally 
11:49pm 12/10/2005
  this one.. yes.. this is what they should say, whether they mean it or not.
No Subject
Body: wow you are the most beautiful women i have ever seen your eyes smile body eveything is amazing i took one look at ur picture and read your profile and had to im you all i have to say is WOW

from Sam at myspace
ok, this one just takes the cake. 
08:55am 07/10/2005
  from myspace, he can be found here:
this is what he wrote to me:
letter of intent
Hi, i see your picture, and i would like to introduce myself, Im Seetharaman, but you can call me Cool Seethie. Anyway, I fully intend to fuck you in the ass, and cum in your mouth.

what class!
more dimpy fun 
09:06am 13/09/2005
  From Myspace:
what up this demetrus can u call me so we can talk 336 327 3099

Mine have slowed down, seems as though Laura is getting all the goods ones lately

oh, and this guy can be found here.
He has only just signed up on the 8th of this month, and has no friends... ugh
09:33pm 23/08/2005
  I got loaded with them on friendster..

he claims he looks like this

hi ther
dis ike frm phillppines
ey yur realy cute
i think yur nice 2
whts yur email add
hirs my add
ok hop u cont me in
tanx bye 4 now u tc ok

I don't even know what this says!!!

And what a beautiful ass y ou have, Brandy
myspace crap 
10:15am 23/08/2005
mood: amused
"are you my fair or my angle"
I'm guessing he couldn't tell what the wings were or either he's an idiot. Or both!

"i fucking love you"
Sorry, dude, you can't love someone you don't even know. And besides, you posted a pic of you with no shirt on sitting on the sofa beside a kid. That's not a turn-on.....

See, I told you - all I get are stupid one-liners. If some guy actually put the thought into it to write a whole paragraph, I might just be interested enough to read it.....
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Oh Noes LOL 
12:29am 23/08/2005
  HAha. OK So I accidentally didn't realize my friend kateriberrie was logged in on my computer when I joined the comm, so she is now a member without knowing it! I will have to tell her she is a member haha.

OK so here is my bad creepy myspace email of the day:
An independent, energetic man with a positive attitude. Someone who has learned from a past relationship and is looking forward to applying it to a new one. Physically, a tall. We . Someone who believes in a better place but . However, I do find comfort in believing in God ,,,,,,I a Footballer Scout and Manager .........40 single,,,American,spainish,,,,,,,,i live in Troy,,,NY....I REALLY WANT TO MEET U ......I HAVE READ AND LIKE UR PICS ,IT WILL BE LIKE ,,,, The way the beauty of the rising sun...shines forth from above,And the glitters of the stars...give beauty to the sky,
Is the way a relationship...gives joy to the heart.For the value of friendship... is the treasure...found in a treasure...preserved in a treasure box-the heart.Riding on the clouds puffed up like huge marshmallows, Riding on the tail of a kite flying in the wind.I am holding fast, sailing under the baby blue sky, riding, flying high Sailing in the wind, a flight I never want to end.cus i will fine in ur true friend... sailing Until the blue sky is clothed in it's black blanket And a trillion stars flashing like fireflies on a hot night.My only light is the moon's soft efferent glow... and I know, that my life is like one magical, mystical moment after another since i get to read and see ur pics ,,i really want u to be mt true friend ........i keep praying ,,,,,,,,my email is

I can provide email if anyone actually wants to torment the deluded illiterate fuck.
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10:37pm 22/08/2005
Just to have something here I will repost one from MySpace.
I am into lotions, natural and tube
Body: Hi, I love your pictures and they really show you off as a fine Lady that I would like very much to get to know... I am a Soldier and currently stationed in Arlington, VA and looking for someone as yourself to come to know as a close friend to exchange our ideas, feelings and if it developes to something more, I am interested also... I can be called most anytime on my Cell phone at 571-213-4550 and hopefully I am ehere a good cell signal is, no big problem though as you can leave a message and as soon as I am where a signal is, I'll return your call when you tell me, don't want to jeperdise anything at your home or anything like that, respect and discression will be utilized should you desire it, no problem as I don't want to screw up a good thing and my Dear, you seem to be a very good thing and I do want to be invited back again, can't mess that up... You may also write to d.a.k.o.t.a. Of course without all the dots.... Looking forward to talking with you and it would be GREAT to hear your voice... Looking forward to the connection... Ronnie